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6 benefits of hiring a private tutor

6 benefits of hiring a private tutor

It is a common practice in many countries to use the services of a private tutor. It has a lot of benefits: students have an opportunity to speak up about anything which does not seem clear to them, take their time to understand and get back to the topic as many times as they want to and, in general, build the right approach to learning. At school, teachers simply cannot ensure all of these most often than not due to the lack of one-on-one time with pupils.

A good tutor will take the time to create a study plan for each individual student to ensure that they receive a personalised service. With private tuition, students are given one to one attention throughout the duration of their lessons, which enables them to ask any questions and focus on specific areas of a subject that they may need help with.

One to one tuition

Thanks to the fact that the student is one-on-one with a teacher during a class, he or she gets full attention from the tutor. This is important because it creates room for a smooth dialogue, raising questions, discussing, problem solving and correction of mistakes all at once. There’s nobody else but you who is being trained and supported, so you have higher chances to progress faster. Those who don’t feel comfortable raising a hand and asking a question at school can feel cozy and secure while having an individual class with a teacher.

Higher grades at school

Additional classes inevitably positively impact school performance. Students gain self-confidence while they go deeper into the subject outside the regular classroom and then they successfully apply what they learned during coursework at school. A considerable rise in grades is just one of the consequences of learning privately. After one-on-one classes students are more erudite, have a broader outlook, are able to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions – all of these are necessary not only at school, but also in life.

No rush

At school, teachers are given a task to finish the “studying program” at some precise point of time. Therefore, they go topic by topic without giving everyone an equal opportunity to catch up. As students are different and process information differently, some of them are just often left behind. Imagine, you understand one topic but not the next one which is more advanced already. The tricky part is that next lesson you have to excel even more but you cannot because you are missing on something just before it. With an individual tutor, you are given as much time as you need so you don’t move to the next topic unless you fully understand the current one.

Identified areas to work on

Usually, it is difficult to judge yourself and correctly identify the areas which you need improvement in. A tutor can do it very easily and also suggest a plan how the “problems” are going to be tackled. You just find yourself in the hands of a professional who knows what to do, when and how much time should be spent on it. What is left for you is just to obediently follow this plan and do your best to help yourself.

Flexible hours

Nobody forces you to study during some set intervals. Good Tutors Finder will help you find an IB Tutor who will adapt to students’ learning schedules but not vice versa, as it is in the case with teachers at school. Students are also free to choose the studying intensity. Of course, if they need help in deciding how much time per week would work best, they will always receive a friendly recommendation from their tutor. 

Better time management

It might be difficult to “squeeze” this complementary learning between a lot of different responsibilities a student can have. However, it’s a good chance to practice planning time efficiently. It’s also about prioritizing – students learn to understand that sometimes they have to give up something if they want to achieve their goal.

If you like to provide your child with a trained tutor after school and during holidays who can help with structure and organization, we have just what you need. At Good Tutors Finder, we only have hand-picked tutors who are well versed in these and other strategies and can apply them, whether they are in IB Diploma, IGCSE, AP, or lower grades. MathematicsSciencePhysicsGermanFrenchEnglish, and more, no matter which subject is difficult, our tutors can help out.

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